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How May We Help You?


We enjoy helping all of our customers, so if you are a First Responder, a Business Owner, or a Consumer, we have great deals for Everyone!

About Us

Click here to see our retail locations and learn a little about our mission to provide excellent service and outstanding products.

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First Responders
and those who support
First Responders

Are you a Police, Fire, or Medical Professional? Do you support emergency situations in the construction, towing, security, national guard, or utilities?  We have specialized plans to keep you connected at rates that are exclusive to your profession.


Business Customers

As a Locally owned and operated business we know what specialized support you need for your wireless company.  We service small business and large business alike, no matter what your size or needs, we have a team that can make you a priority.



Your family and friends are your priority, and you are our priority!  We will help you find the best deals and perfect plans to keep your communications open, and your loved ones only a call away.

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